Jan. 29th, 2011

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I don't know why I keep this journal some days.  I mean I have things I want to talk about and in the end, by the time I log in and get here, I can't be arsed to write about them.

This morning I girded my loins and took my newest fear of being in a car accident in both hands and drove through the craptacular weather (10 cm of snow in less than 24 hours) to fulfill a promise.  It took three times as long as usual to get there.  I drove in second gear most of the way and muttered "It's a sedan not a SUV" to the assholes riding my bumper.  I watched a lot of SUV's and minivans slip sliding all over the place but other than when we hit thick clumps of snow, Max behaved admirably for being a sedan.

He's still not a 4X4 and I won't be going out again until work Monday morning.  It's odd how anxieties develop out of the tiniest of incidents.  One little thump on the bumper and I'm suddenly a white knuckle driver.

That pretty much pisses me off, but I'm pissed off a lot lately.  I may journal about it later, I may not.  No idea.  Going to go find something else to do for a while now.
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I'd want to be a large maple tree or elm or some big tree like that on the edges of a park or green space and just exist without worry about the things that make up my day to day life.  For one day I could enjoy the breeze and sun, listen to the birds and kids and cars, exist in the simple joy of existing with each day the same as the last.


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