Feb. 7th, 2011

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 Dear Self,

Next time you decide to put something small like a gift card away for safe keeping, could you possibly choose a spot where you might fucking well find it in the same decade in which you put it away?

Especially if  it is a gift card sort of thing because this two fucking days of looking for it gets tedious.

No love, me.

Dear LJ,  

Hurry up and make your site Blackberry/mobile compatible because typing this entry four times over gets really tedious as did having to fire up the desktop computer and come online to correct the formatting.

No love, me.

Adding insult to injury, there is a Blackberry ad at the top of the screen as I correct this long after I should have been in bed.

Snow Day

Feb. 7th, 2011 08:02 am
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As in I was out in the snow when I should have been staying home and off the roads.  Nothing like creeping along snow covered roads churned up by the massive tires on a bus into ruts that send you randomly bouncing off across them like a steel ball in a pinball game while praying you don't actually have to come to a full stop at anytime before you reach your destination.

I almost didn't make it out of the back alleyway and only sheer luck managed to be on my side so that I could get out.  The alleyway runs north/south and the whole of it beyond where I turn into my garage has been reduced to sheer ice - that's almost a whole block of ice covered with at least six to seven inches of light fluffy unpackable snow.  If you think of icing sugar or cornstarch, you just about have the consistency of the crap I drove to work in, with roughly the same properties.  It's not wet enough to pack down under the wheels and almost acts like a liquid as you make your best effort to get the hell out of a thick drift of it.  I could not go north, I had to reverse and go south and back out of the alley, which was cleared of ice only by the unseasonably warm days we had leading up to this latest snow dump, onto the usually busy street that wasn't so busy.

Some people apparently do get snow days.

With around six inches of snow out there on top of icy roads and the dreaded white crap still drifting down from the sky to the tune of another six inches, getting the car home should be interesting.  I may just be leaving it here and stuffing myself onto public transit with the rest of the masses just for safety's sake.


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