Feb. 15th, 2011

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A snippet of a tune stuck in there that I had no lyrics to reminded me that it's time to clean mine out again.  It's all clogged up with little bits of thoughts and shards of ideas that weren't as bright as I once imagined them to be and the random bits that manage to float to the surface are all getting to be a bit much.  I wish I had access to a lake or large body of water where I could just float on my back and watch the sky for hours, weightless on the tides.  I would be the flotsam and jetsam and stop being me with my insecurities and flaws.

The tradition remains unchanged.

This is our ungodly hour.

I envy those who cast their cares to the religion of their choice, trusting in gods I can no longer believe in that it will all work out alright.  It doesn't always work out alright and some times good people lose and it's not because 'God' willed it or had bigger plans for them.  It's simply the way the world works.  One roll of a dice, one person who turned away thinking another would step up and help and - that's it, life's over.

Time for coffee and then another day of smiling plastically at people, hoping they don't look in my eyes and see the truth.  I want someone to notice and yet, it's far more work than it's worth.


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