Mar. 22nd, 2011

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If it got any slower at work, I might have to kill someone to liven things up and that's bad since they drop like flies anyway around here.  I am bored out of my gourd with nothing going on here and no brain power to do anything with while I'm sitting here looking at the ceiling or the floor.

Here's a gem that broke up my day - little old stubborn (as in almost deaf but refuses to wear his old hearing aids to hear because they aren't good and won't pay to buy good hearing aids so he can hear) man comes up to me and wants me to do something for him.  I, having tired some months ago of the long and complicated (and loud, I have to YELL to be heard) conversations with this man that usually require me to repeat things three times at the top of my lungs, ask him what I can do for him in as few words as possible.

He eyes me a second and asks if I've ever been in the army.  "Very efficient," he says as he wanders off after we do our business.  I had to bite my tongue.  I can't have a pleasant conversation with you, you deaf old fart, because you're too cheap to buy good hearing aids!

Toddlers would be less trouble, I swear.


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