Mar. 29th, 2011

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 So, not out of any true conviction on our parts but out of a desire to support a family member who wholeheartedly believes in living green, our household participated in Earth Hour this year.

Yes, I sat in the dark with a cat who kept falling off the sofa and talked over nothing much with the others in the room.  It was strange because the streetlight outside the window was enough to light up the room.  It wasn't the worst way to spend a Saturday night except for the do or die hockey game my team was embroiled in that I was missing thanks to sitting in the dark.  As for the cat, I think her eyes are starting to go or she was seriously touch drunk with all the attention she got.  She isn't usually quite so demonstrative with her affection but with three people sitting around talking, she was in heaven.  She is a senior cat after all, so maybe there is something to the eyes thing, but it was unintentionally hilarious because we'd be talking about something then *THUD*.

*pause*  Cat?

*nod*  Cat.  Touch drunk cat.  
*pause*  Is she hurt?

*cat leaps up into my lap and meows*
Apparently not.

*resume conversation*
As an aside, my team won their game.  They still have to win the next five against good or better teams but there's still hope for the playoffs.


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