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So I get home, ready to go do battle with the ice pile and what do I see along the side of the road leading to the alley?

They are coming to clean the streets....
The city has decided (after running the plow down the street again...) to come and clean away the damned snow they piled in front of the alley in the first place.


Edit:  At least the CB takes nice pictures....
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I had a day yesterday and so when I drove home, hitting the wall of ice at the front of the alleyway to the garage was the last straw.  More specifically, hearing the ice scrape along the front spoiler and undercarriage of Mr. Max was the last straw.

I went upstairs, stripped off the suit, threw on a long sleeved t-shirt, a hoodie, a pair of jeans, winter boots, a kerchief over my head and grabbed a pair of gloves and went off to war.

I used the buildings shovel and ice scraper to attack the ice build up at the alleyway... a public alleyway mind you that the city roads department had plowed in.  I worked for just about two hours, until I couldn't lift the damn ice scraper to slam it into the mess anymore.  I surveyed the automobile sized passageway in the icy wall I had made, declared to it that I wasn't done with it and headed inside for a drink.

I got a drink of water, set the kettle to boil for a cuppa tea and went to take two Advil sitting on the sofa to watch the news.

Next thing I remember it's 12 hours later and my alarm clock is going off to wake me for work.  My arms ache, the palms of my hands ache and I needed two more Advil to get in motion.  But I conquered the ice wall down to an ice bump and when i can, I will get the rest of it... just in time for the city to plow it in no doubt.

I hate winter too.
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The property manager for our building was by on Friday while I was at work and has had a look at the damage (and hopefully smelled the funk - god it reeks in here) to the ceiling.  Apparently there will be contact about having this repaired.  I won't hold my breath.

I'm on vacation now.

Last night my crown fell out of my face so my smile is fucked up looking as the peg is horrible looking.  If nothing else I am finally able to properly clean that side of my teeth.

Things are still covered with dust and crap in here.


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