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So to make a long story short... I went on vacation in Drumheller for a couple of days.  I drove out, booked a room with a Jacuzzi and hauled a troublemaker along with me.  I completed a friend's challenge, had a lot of fun, spent some money and recharged.  Life is good!  Below is the story of the proof of my insanity.

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Not that I'm in any hurry to replace Mr. Max, but I have been messing about on the build a vehicle part of various car maker's websites this morning and here is what I have learned.

1.  All car manufacturers are offering bland crappy choices in paint colour.
2.  Nissan's Maxima do not look good in light colours.
3.  Lincoln's MKZ/MKS do not look good in dark colours.
4.  Volvo's look crappy whatever the colour.
5.  Nissan's Maxima gives me the shivers from the front view.
6.  The front grille of Lincoln's MKZ/MKS is all I like about their front view.
7.  All new vehicles pretty much look the same from the ass end.
8.  I like the Dodge Challenger in Blackberry pearlcoat paint.
9.  I think that has something to do with the name of the paint colour as much as the colour itself.


10.  I really need to stop hanging out on the build a car sections of manufacturer's websites.

(But its better than porn!!)
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No, not really but it's been far enough above freezing for three days now that the snow that fell one week ago is now turning into rivers on the roads.  The car is constantly dirty and I can't help but twitch everytime I look at it.

Not to mention, I discovered Nissan (and probably many newer car makers) actually created an idiot light for low windshield washer fluid.  This fills me with despair for the human race.  If you aren't doing at least once a week walkarounds of your car to check tires and fluids, I don't think you ought to be on the road!

My only consolation is that Max isn't the only mud coloured car out there.

Snow Day

Feb. 7th, 2011 08:02 am
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As in I was out in the snow when I should have been staying home and off the roads.  Nothing like creeping along snow covered roads churned up by the massive tires on a bus into ruts that send you randomly bouncing off across them like a steel ball in a pinball game while praying you don't actually have to come to a full stop at anytime before you reach your destination.

I almost didn't make it out of the back alleyway and only sheer luck managed to be on my side so that I could get out.  The alleyway runs north/south and the whole of it beyond where I turn into my garage has been reduced to sheer ice - that's almost a whole block of ice covered with at least six to seven inches of light fluffy unpackable snow.  If you think of icing sugar or cornstarch, you just about have the consistency of the crap I drove to work in, with roughly the same properties.  It's not wet enough to pack down under the wheels and almost acts like a liquid as you make your best effort to get the hell out of a thick drift of it.  I could not go north, I had to reverse and go south and back out of the alley, which was cleared of ice only by the unseasonably warm days we had leading up to this latest snow dump, onto the usually busy street that wasn't so busy.

Some people apparently do get snow days.

With around six inches of snow out there on top of icy roads and the dreaded white crap still drifting down from the sky to the tune of another six inches, getting the car home should be interesting.  I may just be leaving it here and stuffing myself onto public transit with the rest of the masses just for safety's sake.
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Spotted on another's LJ and since I'm not writing much else other than entries as of late (which is progress actually) I decided to take on this meme.

Leave a comment saying, "IT’S TASTING TIME!" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

[ profile] ecosopher passed along these five words:  Breeze, car, cats, cold, inside.

Breeze:  Whenever I think of breezes, this piece of music by Leonard Cohen comes to mind.  But there are breezes I like better, a certain kind of breeze that makes living through a Canadian winter a stone's throw from the Rocky Mountains bearable.  I am of course talking about our chinooks.  In essence, a chinook happens when the winds blow from the west drying out as they cross the mountains and gain heat as they come down the east face of the Rockies.  A good blustery chinook wind can make the temperature go from -20 C to +10 C (or more) over night.  There is a cloud phenomena associated with this which we call a chinook arch and it is both unmistakable and unforgettable. 

A chinook arch over Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
The original file of this image can be found here with the accompanying permission to share the image.

Car:  I have owned many clunkers in my time, all American made from 1980-1988 model years.  The one I have now is a 1997 Nissan Maxima that was loaded to the gills, including heated leather seats which are just about the best invention since central air conditioning.  The Maxima, hereafter known as Max, was in such good shape when I bought it that no one believed it was a ten year old car.  The oddest comment I got when I told one of my friends I was considering buying a Nissan was "Isn't that a little Japanese for you?"  This tells you how bad my bias towards North American cars was before Max.  Max is a character in my life in the way many people are - he has his peccadilloes and keeps me on my toes (and away from the cigarette lighter).  Recently, I took a small thump to the bumper and I haven't been a very confident driver which worries and irks me as public transit in this city is enough to make a person homicidal.  Mr. Max has been my escape and I hope I get the feeling of safety back before summer so I can go on a few day long road trips to save my sanity.

Cats:  What can I say about cats?  I love the contrary little critters, I live with two of them who are convinced that they own the apartment and everything in it below the doorknobs, including the humans.  There is something infinitely comforting about opening the apartment door and having two little faces looking up at you - even if they are only there because they expect you to provide them treats.  The slender back Oriental is a little momma who likes to curl up behind my neck on the sofa and groom my hair into new and alarming shapes.  The chubby tortie never fails to put her stubby little paw in the absolute worst place when she jumps onto my lap for loving, leading to general hilarity from anyone else in the room.  I'm their person and I made a promise to look after them when they were rescued from the pound and I will keep that promise.  Anything else would be inhuman.

Cold:  I'm Canadian, so I have a love/hate relationship with cold weather.  It wouldn't be winter without the cold but does it have to last so long?  As noted above in 'breeze', in my neck of the woods it's the wind that will kill you with kindness.  I admit that as a Canadian it blows my mind when an inch of snow shuts some US city or state right down.  Cold and winter is just so much a part of life here that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the notion that it isn't that way everywhere in the world.  A week or so ago, we got a foot of snow in about 12 hours here and life and the snowfall went on with little notice from the national media but when the same thing happened down east, everyone in the Canadian media went batshit insane over Snowmageddon.  The good thing about cold weather in winter is curling up with a book, a cuppa something, a cat if they are so inclined, a significant other if they are so inclined and just whiling away the hours.  If you can't beat it, you might as well just hibernate until its safe to pop your nose outside again.

Inside:  This is where I live my life, inside my head with my thoughts, which is not always a good thing.  I'm just as happy lying on the sofa with a cat licking the hair on the back of my head into new patterns as I am with going out to mingle with people.  Hell, I'm happier living life inside my head.  My head muses aren't going to find new and unexpected ways to shred what few tangles of innocence I'm desperately clinging to in order to maintain my sanity.  The person I am when I'm out in the world is, as most of us are, an avatar of this person I think I may be inside.  Too often for me, the avatar or mask I wear in my day to day interactions is built to disguise the type of person I am inside like a turtle wears its shell.  I trust few people enough to remove the masks.

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It's Wednesday (Link for title description.) and well, turns out I did something very wrong and something very right according to the world.

I think they were both somethings right but I've been wrong before.

The something wrong I did involved an event at work.  I simply forgot I wasn't supposed to do certain things for the residents due to liability issues and when a board member learned of it, reprimanded me in a friendly manner.  Okay, I get it, don't do that anymore.  I won't.  Or at least if I do, I will swear the person to secrecy and never mention it myself but it's more a case of I won't because I managed to ruin a $125 pair of wool pants in the helping.  I am not made of money and will avoid any situation where I have to ruin another pair of pants that are worth more than a days work brings in to the bank.

The something right involved the inimitable Mr. Max who I am sure is a Wednesday car.  Johnny Cash in the link has it about right I think and in the end, after spending time on Google to make sure I could do it - even though I've done it a hundred times in the past with other cars and this one too just on the opposite headlight - I was able to conquer my anxiety and change the damn headlight that went the other morning.  In a WalMart parking lot, in my suit I changed the headlamp because I realized if I was bold enough to go to WalMart in a three piece suit, I could damn well change the headlight.

I'm still battling the urge to just give in to the depression waiting in the wings to consume me.  It's a moment to moment thing and I'm constantly looking for distraction to keep from going under.  Last night it was YouTube videos, today it's been thinking about the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) and the way the Canadian government keeps reversing or overriding decisions it makes. 

Cut for Canadian Content... *snerks* )

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This isn't to say that I don't see where the big boys are coming from.  The nature of the internet is changing and not everyone is as text based as I am in my net wanderings.  (I'm also one of the few people who NEVER goes over his plan for cell phone minutes - unless you're bleeding, dying, or stranded drunk somewhere, email me - I don't even have a land line anymore!)  Netflix alone must give the big boys bandwidth nightmares.  Anyways, that's all pretty tl:dr so if you want to hear an intelligently thoughtful rant on it go here and scroll down to the bottom to listen to George Stroumboulopoulos outline it pretty succinctly.

Alright, enough rambling for Wednesday.  Time to prepare for Thursday.

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I don't know why I keep this journal some days.  I mean I have things I want to talk about and in the end, by the time I log in and get here, I can't be arsed to write about them.

This morning I girded my loins and took my newest fear of being in a car accident in both hands and drove through the craptacular weather (10 cm of snow in less than 24 hours) to fulfill a promise.  It took three times as long as usual to get there.  I drove in second gear most of the way and muttered "It's a sedan not a SUV" to the assholes riding my bumper.  I watched a lot of SUV's and minivans slip sliding all over the place but other than when we hit thick clumps of snow, Max behaved admirably for being a sedan.

He's still not a 4X4 and I won't be going out again until work Monday morning.  It's odd how anxieties develop out of the tiniest of incidents.  One little thump on the bumper and I'm suddenly a white knuckle driver.

That pretty much pisses me off, but I'm pissed off a lot lately.  I may journal about it later, I may not.  No idea.  Going to go find something else to do for a while now.
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Why the hell is it that the same winter road dirt that...

... turns white cars black ...

... and black cars white ...

... makes my dried blood colour car look as if it's been dipped in liquid shit?
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Screw that, a very bad week because of winter blasts constantly below -20 C and oftentimes with the windchill reaching -30 C.  The snow that falls gets packed to the roads thanks to the snowmelt stuff they use to try and keep it clear.  The snowmelt cakes to the cars and gets everywhere - on pants, coats, shoes.  Worst of all is that when it is constantly that cold, the snowmelt mixture can't keep up and the roads get black ice on them as the blowing snow polishes the packed down and melted snow and slush to a perfect sheen.

I drive carefully in these conditions, erring on the slow side of cautious when going down hills because you never know when the bottom of the slope will be black ice.  After a hard mushy brained week where I was distracted constantly by a lot of shit, I was looking forward to driving carefully to a millionaires neighbourhood, doing my house check and then going home to settle in to stay warm for two days until I go back to work and it's supposed to be a little warmer.  Mr. Max and I set out for the slow inexorable drive to the big house and then home through a clear but bitterly cold day.

I never got out of sight of work before the big fuck with me hammer fell. )
Needless to say, I ache and I'm not sure how I'm going to face getting back in the car tomorrow.  It's supposed to be a little warmer and the city should have had time to go out and sand and grade the roads but I'm going to have to take an Ativan to turn the key and I hate that.  I don't like having to be drugged to do anything, much less drive on hazardous roads.  Monday, I will have to take a different and notoriously accident prone road to work and I'm not happy about that at all because everyone else will be in the same boat as I.  The street I usually take and am comfortable with is closed for three weeks for utility work, so I'm stuck with the deadly route.

I hate winter.
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And be damned if the little bastard doesn't hate Mondays.

A short reminder to those who have just begun following along - Max is the name applied to my 1997 Nissan Maxima which it is earning on so many more levels than just the lazy one (Maxima = Max).  Max was also (and still is) one of my roleplaying characters, who among his charms, manages to be a troublemaker extraordinaire almost without trying.

The car has officially earned this name now.  As if shooting red hot chunks of steel at me and stealing my keys weren't enough (Story here), it is a truth of the world that if Max is going to have an issue, he will pull it on a Monday morning at 6:30 am as I'm trying to get to work.

No Monday Maxima )

Or so think I.

Max has a tantrum. )

I love this car but I never expected to have to treat it like a tantruming toddler.  Mind you, if this is all the trouble it gives me, I'm laughing.
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So I get home, ready to go do battle with the ice pile and what do I see along the side of the road leading to the alley?

They are coming to clean the streets....
The city has decided (after running the plow down the street again...) to come and clean away the damned snow they piled in front of the alley in the first place.


Edit:  At least the CB takes nice pictures....
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I had a day yesterday and so when I drove home, hitting the wall of ice at the front of the alleyway to the garage was the last straw.  More specifically, hearing the ice scrape along the front spoiler and undercarriage of Mr. Max was the last straw.

I went upstairs, stripped off the suit, threw on a long sleeved t-shirt, a hoodie, a pair of jeans, winter boots, a kerchief over my head and grabbed a pair of gloves and went off to war.

I used the buildings shovel and ice scraper to attack the ice build up at the alleyway... a public alleyway mind you that the city roads department had plowed in.  I worked for just about two hours, until I couldn't lift the damn ice scraper to slam it into the mess anymore.  I surveyed the automobile sized passageway in the icy wall I had made, declared to it that I wasn't done with it and headed inside for a drink.

I got a drink of water, set the kettle to boil for a cuppa tea and went to take two Advil sitting on the sofa to watch the news.

Next thing I remember it's 12 hours later and my alarm clock is going off to wake me for work.  My arms ache, the palms of my hands ache and I needed two more Advil to get in motion.  But I conquered the ice wall down to an ice bump and when i can, I will get the rest of it... just in time for the city to plow it in no doubt.

I hate winter too.

The Max

Mar. 4th, 2009 09:00 am
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Max, as the car has come to be known, both because it's a Maxima and for a certain rakish RP character of mine, is beginning to live up to his name.

A playful troublemaker )Burn, baby burn! )Two of the more amusing random acts of mischief Max has thus far managed to perpetuate upon me.  I'm not sure if I await the next ones eagerly or in a vague sort of terror.
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New cars should never smell like cheap pine tree shaped vanilla. That's the only thing about the new beastie I could have shot the previous owner for... putting one of those damned pine tree air fresheners in the car and then taking all the plastic off.

But I'm ranting ahead of myself.

It occurred to me that I've spent a great deal of time buying the new car and dealing with all the little frustrations that invariably pop up during the process and none showing you why.

Car pics inside )


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