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Fish are strange little creatures - betta splendens are extraordinarily odd. They have personalities. Rudimentary personalities that their human keepers 'read' into a little too much at times perhaps, but there is no denying that bettas have personality.

Onward to bettatude )

Never mind that after a fish like Zen, I'm not prepared for two active territorial little tyrants darting around in the corner of my eye. I get enough of that at work and out in the real world without dealing with it at my desk.

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For many years now, ever since an fifty-nine cent life brought much joy to a severely depressed soul, there has been a fish in a bowl on a corner of my desk.

The last two weeks have been difficult. Zen, a betta of two years residence, died on February 14 and I decided I was done with fish keeping. I don't like keeping a tank (turns out I'm death to tanks - I cannot make them live for the life of me, even with an experienced fish keeper helping) and a betta in a bowl has been a good compromise. With the loss of Zen on a day that was already hard on me, I made a decison.

No more fish. )


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