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Sep. 20th, 2010 06:25 pm
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Props if you understand the title inspiration....

I am the proud (?) owner of a new 16GB 5th generation "end-of-life" Nano.  It's pink... as in flaming fuschia pink not baby girl pink.  I can deal with the colour because it has a clickwheel. The new one is slightly longer and just a shade thinner than the old one.  I have not yet cracked open the package to unleash the new iPod on the world.  Apparently, it comes with a larger screen, video camera, FM radio tuner, sound recorder and a pedometer.  I do not know these things because it is still in the package.

I did not give up the 2nd gen Nano obviously.  I bought the new one from Best Buy, kept my first Nano and now have two Nanos, which will probably make iTunes insane if I try to keep both of them up to date on my musical tastes.  I plan to update the old one one last time and then use it as a back up of sorts - it will be my classic Nano for as long as it lasts.  It can sit in the iPod radio/alarm clock charging dock I bought and work as a shuffle for music I want to hear.  I will use the new Nano for going out and about once I find a proper case for it.

One last thing I want to say, other than the granola eater at the Apple Store, everyone I talk to about the new 6th gen Nano hates it.  Hell, even the granola eater hated the new iTunes.

Apple, do you not test your new items out on a focus group before you try and sell it to us?  We don't all think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread.  You spend all this time and money trying to gain a monopoly on touch phones and the like and then go kill half the functionality of the items you sell when you 'upgrade' them.

As for me, I hopefully have another four years before I have to consider buying a new MP3 player, so.... Sony, Samsung, Microsoft (Zune not available in brick and mortar stores in Canada?  WTH considering I can buy the damned accessories in a few of them.).... hurry up and catch up to these jokers would you?
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I love my 8GB iPod nano.  I do.  It's small, durable, functional and good looking - I like the sleek black look.  I got it three months after they released the 2 gen (as far as I remember) and it's been with me through thick and thin on cold night shifts, hot days stuck in traffic driving home and all the rest of the places I have used it.

An Apple a day turns this young man's thoughts to murder )


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