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Well, that was absurdly easier than it needed to be, proving that overthinking things makes life hell.

For years I haven't done anything that needed a credit card online because I don't have a credit card.  I use debit and cash for most purchases, cheques for rent and it's all been good really.  Once I finally got the new computer to accept Office 2003 (the AutoPlay was the trouble BTW) and got Photoshop 7 installed, I used my external HD (No cable needed after all...) to transfer all my settings and programs over and now all I need is the high speed internet and my journey into the new millenium is complete.

There lay the trouble.  In order to even order the setup for the high speed through my ISP, I needed a credit card.  I have no credit card so I couldn't order.  Vicious circle.

So, hopeful but ready to be crushed, I called the ISP customer service line and waited on hold for ten minutes to talk to a person.  The lady on the end of the line was helpful, confirmed my account (something the online system still has issues with) and then solved my problem for me with three words.

Prepaid Visa Card.


I went out and got groceries, picked up a prepaid card, came home and ordered my high speed.  I'm all set up for visit by the installer next Friday between 1600 and 2000 and with a little luck, that will be that.  This gives me a week to clean up the new system.  The easy transfer process sent stuff I really didn't need over to the new one and that all has to go.
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Okay, first off, should have bought a second monitor to help with the set up.  Might try to use my laptop as a second monitor of sorts tonight.

Secondly, F#*$ you Windows!  F#*$ you Microsoft!  F#*$ you so very very much!  Office 2003 is compatible with Win 7.  Sort of... maybe... when the moon is on the cusp of Leo and frigging blue.  I have two more options to try, neither of which are very easy and then I'm going to go find me some ball bearings and start firing potshots at the damned kneeling buses that pass by my suite every half hour.

At the moment, I flatly refuse to go out and spend 40 bucks on a cable to transfer data from one computer to the other.  For the number of times I intend to do this, it goes against my nature.  Mind you, the more aggravated I get, the more that 40 bucks might look like a bargain.  Never mind that I still do not have the internet set up ordered for the new computer to be actually useful but that's mostly because my ISP's automated purchase function refuses to accept me as a current customer.  I notice they are quite happily taking money from my account even if they won't admit I'm their customer.

Meh.  Murphy wins every time.

EDIT - After consulting with those who know me, I'm going to go buy a cable.  Much less stress.

EDITED EDIT - Bought the cable, got it home it wouldn't do what it was meant to.  Tried to sign up to have High speed installed - no credit card, no go.  The file transfers are going well thanks to the external hard drive I bought to back things up in case Franken-computer died.  Tomorrow the cable goes back and I call the ISP service line to set up the high speed the old fashioned way.

I hate my life.
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I have decided to try and sidestep Murphy, whether or not I'm successful... only time will tell.

There is a new beast lurking nearby, waiting to be unleashed on my desk once all the bits and pieces of import are saved from the old workhorse and moved to the external hard drive.

Okay, so maybe it's more a feral animal than a beast.  Today, I went out and bought an Acer AM3300-E1222 desktop to replace the ancient AMD Athlon XP 1500+ that has occupied the tower space under the desk for the past six or seven years.  The old horse is ready for pasture, it has 1.30 gigaHertz with 1 GB RAM and 150GB hard drive space that's only about half full, a dead CD RW drive, a floppy disk drive (yes, seriously), 4 USB ports and Windows XP upgraded from 98SE upgraded from 95.  It was Franken-computer!

The new critter is an AMD Athlon II X4 620 quad core processor with 4GB memory, a 750GB hard drive, with a DVD RW drive, all the ports for the usual memory sticks, eight USB ports and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.  It is a middle of the road desktop computer that will do all I need it to and then some.

As badly as I needed and wanted a new computer, I am not looking forward to trying to transfer all the old files over to the new one.  I suspect a great many of them will just continue to live on the external hard drive.  The most annoying part of this will be backing up the email system and then trying to integrate it with the new version.  The second most annoying part will be downloading all the add-ons like Trillian etc.

Here we go again.
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My internet connection at home died without a word last night around 8 pm.  One second I was connected, the next I'm wondering what the hell is going on.  No amount of reboot or reset would help and after a couple of hours of this, I gave up and went to bed. 

Today, I am resigned to going home and calling the ISP provider.  I'm going to investigate the ability of my old computer to connect with high speed, because honestly, I'm tired of waiting an hour to DL a ten minute chunk of video.  The problem will be the computer....

I sense Murphy's Law ahead waiting to fuck me over.


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