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Well, that just about does it for me.  I'm worn to the bone and disheartened by the way the universe seems to consistently kick me when I'm down.

I've lost an account I have had for almost seven years with - of all things - Neopets.  I also lost the side account I had that was two years old.  When I was working the big towers, the one game site the bosses said they had no problem with me accessing on the company internet while I was working 12 hour overnights was Neopets.  So I played various games on it at different times.  I abandoned the account for a couple of years but ended up back on it here and there.  I have made friends from all over the world on that website and even rising to a leadership role in a guild, so I never abandoned it entirely.

Until today.

The hacker got me overnight after I tried to save items and pets.  My most treasured pet is safe but I do not have the strength to rebuild the account.  It will take me years to be able to accept him back to my account if I make one today.  While I did send a help ticket to the Neopets team with some pretty distinguishing information that proves I was the original account owner, I don't have much hope I will get the lost pets/accounts back.  If I do, they sure will not be in the same condition I left them in.

If I have learned one thing as the universe's whipping boy, it's that it's better to not get your hopes too high.  Then when you get the knife between the ribs it's not so much of a surprise - more of an "Oh, really?" rather than a "Holy fuck!"

I'm still trying to remember all my new passwords for accounts and until my ISP comes back up, I can't change the ones to do with my main emails.  Luckily, it appears that the only accounts breached were the Neopets ones.

Still doesn't mean I have the strength to rebuild it.  Just gonna lie over here and nurse my wounds a while.


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