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The ability to rise one more time than you fall.  It seems terribly simplistic but I believe it's the truth of the world.  Anyone who manages to shake off the world's attacks and get back up and keep on keeping on it deserving of the title hero.  It's the little people of the world, to quote Frank Capra's  'hero' George Bailey "who do all the living and dying" while the rich get richer. So why don't we afford them the title of hero?

After all, what makes the 'hero' police officer any more heroic than the bus driver who shows up every day for his shift and deals with all the mind numbing miniature disasters that encompass a day in a normal life?  A shoulder of medals?  His picture in the paper?  Bravery?

Personally, I think it takes just as much bravery to keep getting up and doing the thing you need to in order to put food in the mouths of those who depend on you and clothes on their backs, never mind a roof over their head, all on the few dollar above poverty that most jobs pay, as it does to suit up in your uniform and go out armed to take on the world.  The world doesn't care what you're wearing or what title is on your name tag - it'll kick you in teeth just as merrily if you're a millionaire as if you're a pauper.

So, from one little man to the world - you go on and keep kicking me down, I'll keep on getting back up.

I came back to this one and added to it to explain.  It seemed to deserve more than the few words I'd shared. 


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