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So two of my good friends are without power with all the rest on the US Eastern Seaboard and I'm worrying about them being warm enough and having enough to eat. I know they're both okay and hope that the power is back on soon for them but the waiting to confirm what I know is difficult. I just have to have faith that they will be alright and will let me know when they are back.

I have all kinds of worry about this but I'm trying to not let it get to me. Trying and not really succeeding as you can tell. I never was much good at waiting.

MUCH LATER EDIT - Both of them came through it fine, though one was without power longer than the other. Still spent a lot of time worried on this end though and hope it doesn't happen again.
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"I've never really understood the appeal of these MMORPGs myself but then I hate people enough in the real world let alone bothering to enter a second made up universe to learn to despise them all over again."  Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe

I have been introduced to Charlie Brooker and have been watching all his videos on Youtube and basically laughing myself stupid.  He's acerbic and not politically correct in any way and pretty much smack on with his commentary on the idiocy in society.  He's not quite as much a hero as George Carlin, but I've only just discovered him.  If you want a good introduction that's clean (some of his skits aren't safe for virgin ears) then try this one and move on to his rants on US TV, Aspirational TV, and the American News Media.

I was working my way through his Gameswipe when I hit the comment above.  I laughed until my ribs hurt, then replayed it to transcribe it because it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about the RP world right now.

On my interest in RP. )
EDIT:  After being assured by the mod it wasn't anything I had done to make myself a pariah, I come online tonight (Saturday after I posted this original rant) to find all kinds of new threads active and alive.  None involving my character or a place where they might jump into the fray mind you, but there is RP... just not for me.   FML
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Not that I'm in any hurry to replace Mr. Max, but I have been messing about on the build a vehicle part of various car maker's websites this morning and here is what I have learned.

1.  All car manufacturers are offering bland crappy choices in paint colour.
2.  Nissan's Maxima do not look good in light colours.
3.  Lincoln's MKZ/MKS do not look good in dark colours.
4.  Volvo's look crappy whatever the colour.
5.  Nissan's Maxima gives me the shivers from the front view.
6.  The front grille of Lincoln's MKZ/MKS is all I like about their front view.
7.  All new vehicles pretty much look the same from the ass end.
8.  I like the Dodge Challenger in Blackberry pearlcoat paint.
9.  I think that has something to do with the name of the paint colour as much as the colour itself.


10.  I really need to stop hanging out on the build a car sections of manufacturer's websites.

(But its better than porn!!)
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 Dear Self,

Next time you decide to put something small like a gift card away for safe keeping, could you possibly choose a spot where you might fucking well find it in the same decade in which you put it away?

Especially if  it is a gift card sort of thing because this two fucking days of looking for it gets tedious.

No love, me.

Dear LJ,  

Hurry up and make your site Blackberry/mobile compatible because typing this entry four times over gets really tedious as did having to fire up the desktop computer and come online to correct the formatting.

No love, me.

Adding insult to injury, there is a Blackberry ad at the top of the screen as I correct this long after I should have been in bed.
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It's Wednesday (Link for title description.) and well, turns out I did something very wrong and something very right according to the world.

I think they were both somethings right but I've been wrong before.

The something wrong I did involved an event at work.  I simply forgot I wasn't supposed to do certain things for the residents due to liability issues and when a board member learned of it, reprimanded me in a friendly manner.  Okay, I get it, don't do that anymore.  I won't.  Or at least if I do, I will swear the person to secrecy and never mention it myself but it's more a case of I won't because I managed to ruin a $125 pair of wool pants in the helping.  I am not made of money and will avoid any situation where I have to ruin another pair of pants that are worth more than a days work brings in to the bank.

The something right involved the inimitable Mr. Max who I am sure is a Wednesday car.  Johnny Cash in the link has it about right I think and in the end, after spending time on Google to make sure I could do it - even though I've done it a hundred times in the past with other cars and this one too just on the opposite headlight - I was able to conquer my anxiety and change the damn headlight that went the other morning.  In a WalMart parking lot, in my suit I changed the headlamp because I realized if I was bold enough to go to WalMart in a three piece suit, I could damn well change the headlight.

I'm still battling the urge to just give in to the depression waiting in the wings to consume me.  It's a moment to moment thing and I'm constantly looking for distraction to keep from going under.  Last night it was YouTube videos, today it's been thinking about the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) and the way the Canadian government keeps reversing or overriding decisions it makes. 

Cut for Canadian Content... *snerks* )

Read more... )

This isn't to say that I don't see where the big boys are coming from.  The nature of the internet is changing and not everyone is as text based as I am in my net wanderings.  (I'm also one of the few people who NEVER goes over his plan for cell phone minutes - unless you're bleeding, dying, or stranded drunk somewhere, email me - I don't even have a land line anymore!)  Netflix alone must give the big boys bandwidth nightmares.  Anyways, that's all pretty tl:dr so if you want to hear an intelligently thoughtful rant on it go here and scroll down to the bottom to listen to George Stroumboulopoulos outline it pretty succinctly.

Alright, enough rambling for Wednesday.  Time to prepare for Thursday.

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What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, sprinting on the terrain! It is Maverick Forever, hands clutching a vorpal blade! He grunts homicidally:

"I'm going to make tacos with your corpse!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

I plugged in a variety of my user names and wasn't going to post any of them but this one literally had me cracking up at my desk.  So now I share with you!

EDIT:  And yes, I DO plan to use this one in the meat world.  *grins*
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Well, that just about does it for me.  I'm worn to the bone and disheartened by the way the universe seems to consistently kick me when I'm down.

I've lost an account I have had for almost seven years with - of all things - Neopets.  I also lost the side account I had that was two years old.  When I was working the big towers, the one game site the bosses said they had no problem with me accessing on the company internet while I was working 12 hour overnights was Neopets.  So I played various games on it at different times.  I abandoned the account for a couple of years but ended up back on it here and there.  I have made friends from all over the world on that website and even rising to a leadership role in a guild, so I never abandoned it entirely.

Until today.

The hacker got me overnight after I tried to save items and pets.  My most treasured pet is safe but I do not have the strength to rebuild the account.  It will take me years to be able to accept him back to my account if I make one today.  While I did send a help ticket to the Neopets team with some pretty distinguishing information that proves I was the original account owner, I don't have much hope I will get the lost pets/accounts back.  If I do, they sure will not be in the same condition I left them in.

If I have learned one thing as the universe's whipping boy, it's that it's better to not get your hopes too high.  Then when you get the knife between the ribs it's not so much of a surprise - more of an "Oh, really?" rather than a "Holy fuck!"

I'm still trying to remember all my new passwords for accounts and until my ISP comes back up, I can't change the ones to do with my main emails.  Luckily, it appears that the only accounts breached were the Neopets ones.

Still doesn't mean I have the strength to rebuild it.  Just gonna lie over here and nurse my wounds a while.
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I have decided that since I'm not really doing any RP at all since the demise of the RP board that I am going to do NaNoWriMo.

Yes, I have lost my mind.

I miss writing though and this will either kick me in the pants and get me writing again or cure me of the need to write altogether.

We shall see.

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The war, well that we shall see.  The computer and I have come to terms on the email addresses and on recognizing that, yes, this is a valid address for FB.  I am registered and protected, I have everything transferred over except for my iPod/iTunes issue.

Life is working out nicely.  And so, for the damned obstacles that I hit, I have a special song.



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New computer + new faster net connection + new chat programs + Windows 7 = faster piss-me-off rate.

Adding to the stress, the lady's FB refuses to recognize the new connection and has locked her out.

Trillian doesn't remember me at all and has eaten all my connections.

Murphy finally found me.
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I now possess the power of high-speed cable internet.

And what am I doing with it?

Watching Youtube naturally.


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