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The night outside is cold and it's snowing - the sort of snow that glitters like minute shards of glass scattered on the road, glass not big enough to cut the skin but insidious enough to burrow into the flesh a millimeter at a time and years later suddenly hurts when you put weight on it.  Driving to work I saw the glitter before and after as the splinters of ice danced in the draft behind the car and I blankly had to wonder why in the middle of all the beauty (and it is beautiful) all I could see was the way it would hurt.

But that's the beauty of being here... in this space this is my show.  I program it, write it and watch it unfold around me.  I'll even end up caught up in some dangerous plot twists here and there.  I can promise you it won't be a linear narrative - there are lots of tangential roads to explore in the dark country of my mind.  But it won't all be dark, some of it will be beautiful as the glittering snow outside and I suspect occasionally we will laugh at the antics we read - you before I to be sure.

In any case, you're welcome to The Goren Show, hope you enjoy the ride. 


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