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 I was linked this by a friend and holy shit if it isn't me in black and white on the screen!  Dealing with me isn't easy, I'm definitely an acquired taste, but it's immensely relieving to discover I am not alone in my batshit insanity.  Thank you Chuck Wendig for giving me a primer to share with people on dealing with a writer!

Beware of Writer

Beware of Writer II

Hopefully this helps you all deal with the writers in your life, feel free to share.  And if you are a writer, save those close to you from the confusion and direct them to Chuck's blog.
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Spotted on another's LJ and since I'm not writing much else other than entries as of late (which is progress actually) I decided to take on this meme.

Leave a comment saying, "IT’S TASTING TIME!" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

[ profile] ecosopher passed along these five words:  Breeze, car, cats, cold, inside.

Breeze:  Whenever I think of breezes, this piece of music by Leonard Cohen comes to mind.  But there are breezes I like better, a certain kind of breeze that makes living through a Canadian winter a stone's throw from the Rocky Mountains bearable.  I am of course talking about our chinooks.  In essence, a chinook happens when the winds blow from the west drying out as they cross the mountains and gain heat as they come down the east face of the Rockies.  A good blustery chinook wind can make the temperature go from -20 C to +10 C (or more) over night.  There is a cloud phenomena associated with this which we call a chinook arch and it is both unmistakable and unforgettable. 

A chinook arch over Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
The original file of this image can be found here with the accompanying permission to share the image.

Car:  I have owned many clunkers in my time, all American made from 1980-1988 model years.  The one I have now is a 1997 Nissan Maxima that was loaded to the gills, including heated leather seats which are just about the best invention since central air conditioning.  The Maxima, hereafter known as Max, was in such good shape when I bought it that no one believed it was a ten year old car.  The oddest comment I got when I told one of my friends I was considering buying a Nissan was "Isn't that a little Japanese for you?"  This tells you how bad my bias towards North American cars was before Max.  Max is a character in my life in the way many people are - he has his peccadilloes and keeps me on my toes (and away from the cigarette lighter).  Recently, I took a small thump to the bumper and I haven't been a very confident driver which worries and irks me as public transit in this city is enough to make a person homicidal.  Mr. Max has been my escape and I hope I get the feeling of safety back before summer so I can go on a few day long road trips to save my sanity.

Cats:  What can I say about cats?  I love the contrary little critters, I live with two of them who are convinced that they own the apartment and everything in it below the doorknobs, including the humans.  There is something infinitely comforting about opening the apartment door and having two little faces looking up at you - even if they are only there because they expect you to provide them treats.  The slender back Oriental is a little momma who likes to curl up behind my neck on the sofa and groom my hair into new and alarming shapes.  The chubby tortie never fails to put her stubby little paw in the absolute worst place when she jumps onto my lap for loving, leading to general hilarity from anyone else in the room.  I'm their person and I made a promise to look after them when they were rescued from the pound and I will keep that promise.  Anything else would be inhuman.

Cold:  I'm Canadian, so I have a love/hate relationship with cold weather.  It wouldn't be winter without the cold but does it have to last so long?  As noted above in 'breeze', in my neck of the woods it's the wind that will kill you with kindness.  I admit that as a Canadian it blows my mind when an inch of snow shuts some US city or state right down.  Cold and winter is just so much a part of life here that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the notion that it isn't that way everywhere in the world.  A week or so ago, we got a foot of snow in about 12 hours here and life and the snowfall went on with little notice from the national media but when the same thing happened down east, everyone in the Canadian media went batshit insane over Snowmageddon.  The good thing about cold weather in winter is curling up with a book, a cuppa something, a cat if they are so inclined, a significant other if they are so inclined and just whiling away the hours.  If you can't beat it, you might as well just hibernate until its safe to pop your nose outside again.

Inside:  This is where I live my life, inside my head with my thoughts, which is not always a good thing.  I'm just as happy lying on the sofa with a cat licking the hair on the back of my head into new patterns as I am with going out to mingle with people.  Hell, I'm happier living life inside my head.  My head muses aren't going to find new and unexpected ways to shred what few tangles of innocence I'm desperately clinging to in order to maintain my sanity.  The person I am when I'm out in the world is, as most of us are, an avatar of this person I think I may be inside.  Too often for me, the avatar or mask I wear in my day to day interactions is built to disguise the type of person I am inside like a turtle wears its shell.  I trust few people enough to remove the masks.

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Today's Stats

0 -
Words Written Today
1667 - Words to Write until 1667
1667 - Suggested Daily Word Count
52073 - Cumulative Word Count

30 - Current Day
50000 - Suggested Cumulative Word Count
1736 - Average Words per Day
Nov 30 - At This Rate You Will Finish On
0 - Days Remaining
0 - Words to Write Until 50000
0 - Total Words Remaining
0 - Words per Day to Finish on Time
I could have written more I suppose, but after that last push for the finish, I just didn't have anything left.  Not to mention my arms still ache from chipping ice the city FINALLY decided to take care of.  I'll pick back up in a day or two, but I'm content with the start I have to the book.

To my book...

Now there's a thought!
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As someone pointed out to me, this isn't my NaNo anymore, it's my novel.

That's a terrifying thought but it's an accomplishment that no one can take away from me.

Today's Stats
7073 - Words Written Today
0 - Words to Write until 1667
1667 - Suggested Daily Word Count
52073 - Cumulative Word Count


Nov. 28th, 2010 04:36 pm
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At 4:30 pm local time, I did it.  I posted and verified 50,000+ words to the NaNoWriMo site. 

I am not even halfway through the story I need to finish telling, but I'm sure I will finish it, if only for me.

I really don't have the words right now to describe how this feels... mainly because I want to get back to writing the scene I'm in the middle of which is pivotal to the story.

Today's Stats
5180 - Words Written Today
0 - Words to Write until 1667
1667 - Suggested Daily Word Count
50180 - Cumulative Word Count

28 - Current Day
46667 - Suggested Cumulative Word Count
1793 - Average Words per Day
Nov 28 - At This Rate You Will Finish On
2 - Days Remaining
0 - Words to Write Until 46667
0 - Total Words Remaining
0 - Words per Day to Finish on Time
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I know some of you aren't doing NaNoWriMo and I apologize for the word counts lately cluttering up your friends list but it's the only way I can get the motivation to push for the finish.

Current Day - 28
Suggested Cumulative Word Count - 46667
Average Words per Day - 1620
At This Rate You Will Finish On - Nov 30
Days Remaining - 2
Words to Write Until 46667 - 1322
Total Words Remaining - 4655
Words per Day to Finish on Time - 2328

I will finish this challenge, but it will not finish the story.  Nope, that I'm going to have to keep working on and that is no longer a problem because now I have to know how it all ends up for my muses.

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It finally happened.  My muses have ganged up on me and taken over the plot of the story and are steering in a different direction than I had expected it to go.  It will still end the same way with the same realizations on the part of my protagonist but the route he takes and the guide he has to get there are unexpected.

Someone who was meant to be big part of the second third of the book has diminished in size.  Someone who was supposed to remain part of the first third has stepped in with a larger voice to lead the way.

I'm a little surprised and eager to find out where we are going today.  Already laid in 1000 words and just taking a break now to go out for a walk and see if the sunlight helps me figure anything else out.
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Current Day - 27
Suggested Cumulative Word Count - 45000
Average Words per Day - 1503
At This Rate You Will Finish On - Dec 03
Days Remaining - 3
Words to Write Until 45000 - 4438
Total Words Remaining - 9438
Words per Day to Finish on Time - 3146

I managed to find a groove and finished a couple of chapters tonight for a total of 5460 words written in this session.  I'm tired now and as much as I would like to go on (I write best at night in the hour of the wolf) I'm too tired to make much sense out of anything that will come now.

If I make a concentrated push, I believe I can finish in the next couple of days.  It won't be the end of the book, no, I'm only partway through the story now but I'm beyond the end of the beginning and into the part where the actual ending is able to come together organically.  I will have to really edit it in the end but the muse and I are getting there.

I will finish this, even if just to say I did it.

Word Count

Nov. 26th, 2010 05:29 am
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Current Day - 26
Suggested Cumulative Word Count - 43334
Average Words per Day - 1351
At This Rate You Will Finish On - Dec 07
Days Remaining - 4
Words to Write Until 43334 - 8232
Total Words Remaining - 14898
Words per Day to Finish on Time - 3725

Seeing it in black and white like this fills me with trepidation.  That's a lot of words.  I know it's not an insurmountable hill but from the bottom, it's looking pretty damned high.

At least I have net from home now so I can actually verify it when I get it done, but oh boy... I'm going to have to type on the fly.
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Between trying to save accounts yesterday and internet being out since Saturday... I'm 7000 words behind on my NaNoWriMo!


I hate my life.
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So I went to the NanoWriMo kickoff event last night and wrote from midnight to 2 am in a truck stop with a bunch of other NaNo writers.  I have to say I feel strangely let down.  If I was supposed to be excited by the event, I apparently failed at that.  It was nice, but it was definitely a social occasion and it was not conducive to my writing style.

At all.

I write best when left the hell alone to dive into the world I am visualizing.  This is not accomplished in any way in a room full of 25 or 30 strangers, some of whom are not even writing (NaNo adjacents I think they call them).  I was amused and then annoyed with some of the people there, felt more pressure than was necessary and the quality of my writing... well, if it was a RP post I would have been apologizing like hell for being so damned far off my game.  I know you are not supposed to worry about editing during the NaNo event but I am going to have to edit it if I am going to be able to go anywhere with it from here.  It's not just crap, it's pure unadulterated shit and I am less than pleased with it.

Should I have gone to the event?  Hell yes.  It was good to get out and find out who my comrades in insanity are and I need to get out more anyway.

Will I go to another one?  Prossibly, but I sure won't expect to do any quality first draft writing.  I will also shore up my fragile ego against the people who can type three times the number of words I can during Word Wars.

I did get the first part of the story out of my head and accomplished my daily word count at least despite the distractions, so that's something.
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Then it's time to NaNoWriMo for my life.

I don't expect to have many problems.  The only problem I've been having is waiting for the day to get started.  I have my idea, I have my laptop, I have a basic plan.  I'm over the SHINY stage of the new BlackBerry Torch - ever after to be referred to as the Crackberry.  All I need is midnight to hit and then the fun begins.

Yep, I got a Crackberry.  It took some wrangling but I've noticed Rogers is never very hard to twist into a early upgrade if you're willing to commit to a longer contract.  I'm stuck with them three more years... but I've been with them longer than just about anything in my life so it's not a hardship.

Come on midnight!  I wanna write.
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I am now officially registered with NaNoWriMo.  I haven't decided if this is a step to regaining my sanity or the final proof of the complete and total loss of it.  If nothing else, it will give me something to do other than putz around on FB.  All there is to do now is wait until November 1 and then start typing.

Though I do have one thing to ask myself...


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I have decided that since I'm not really doing any RP at all since the demise of the RP board that I am going to do NaNoWriMo.

Yes, I have lost my mind.

I miss writing though and this will either kick me in the pants and get me writing again or cure me of the need to write altogether.

We shall see.


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