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If it got any slower at work, I might have to kill someone to liven things up and that's bad since they drop like flies anyway around here.  I am bored out of my gourd with nothing going on here and no brain power to do anything with while I'm sitting here looking at the ceiling or the floor.

Here's a gem that broke up my day - little old stubborn (as in almost deaf but refuses to wear his old hearing aids to hear because they aren't good and won't pay to buy good hearing aids so he can hear) man comes up to me and wants me to do something for him.  I, having tired some months ago of the long and complicated (and loud, I have to YELL to be heard) conversations with this man that usually require me to repeat things three times at the top of my lungs, ask him what I can do for him in as few words as possible.

He eyes me a second and asks if I've ever been in the army.  "Very efficient," he says as he wanders off after we do our business.  I had to bite my tongue.  I can't have a pleasant conversation with you, you deaf old fart, because you're too cheap to buy good hearing aids!

Toddlers would be less trouble, I swear.
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I've only been at work about twenty minutes now and my day is totally ruined and not (solely) because it was -30 C when I left for work.

The first bit of bad news is that my immediate superior in the madhouse that is the company I work for is no longer with the company.  I'm adrift now in dangerous waters without a Deakins to guide or protect me and that means I am very likely to get screwed over in the interim until a new leader can be assigned and dropped in on my head.  The night guy is worried about what is likely to happen here if the company owners (not the brightest stars in the sky) start screwing things up with scheduling and unqualified fill-in people.  I'm not.  I know what will happen.  They will mess things up badly, the condo board will go ballistic and I will end up switching companies again if I decide to stick with this job.  I've seen it happen before, not just here but in the big towers.  For now, I have to hunker down and wait and play the company man - a role I positively suck at by the way.

The second one worries me more... )
One way or another, there will be wank to be had over this crap, there always is.  I'm going to need a drink when I get home.  Maybe two drinks... large drinks.
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I have learned some information about my work that I could probably have lived without knowing.  I don't know what if anything I can do about knowing this now, except hope it doesn't come to pass.

If it does, I can't help but think the reaction from those I have come to enjoy working for will be like the lyrics from "One of Us".

And he is not one of us
He has never been one of us
He is not part of us
Not our kind

Someone once lied to us
Now we're not so blind
For we knew he would do what he's done
And we know that he'll never be one of us

He is not one of us



I may elaborate later.  I'm just unsettled feeling now today on top of still recovering from bad food on Saturday.
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I work to take care of complaints really, so I shouldn't be surprised by this one.  I am.  I really am.

Send in the lifeguards... )

People are stupid and there are more days than most lately where I am in need of an intelligence preserver.

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I work with very affluent people in a sort of post-modern servant's role - they like to claim I'm not a servant and I get paid peanuts for the priviledge of putting up with them and their complaints while playing the bad guy to those that break the rules.  The rules... so many rules.

More money than sense.... )

I'm a toothless dog really.  One day I'm going to lose it on someone like that airline employee did but I doubt very much I will have any support when I snap.  They still euthanize dogs no one wants you see.
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There is no heat in the area where I sit at my desk. I am freezing my bottom off along with all those other bits I am really rather fond of. I still have my winter boots and hat on and putting my winter jacket back on is starting to look like a good idea.

By the way, it's -27 C outside and not going to be any warmer than about - 15 C.

I love my country but there are times I understand the snowbird phenomena.

I hate Mondays.
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I need someone to remind me why I do this job because at the moment, I'm out of valid reasons.

The new contractor for the elevators was in to order the parts for the broken elevator - a week after the problem began.  It takes a week (usually) to get the parts here so we shall see how much longer the elevator will be out.  The residents are getting restless.  I'm getting restless waiting for this to bite me since it was my decision that started it all.  It's not much fun around here.

Yesterday, the other contractors in the building came in at noon and said they needed access to all the suites on two specific floors to do some drilling on the balconies the next morning.  Okay, fine but you guys were supposed to be giving us at least two days notice so we could give residents proper notice of the need to access their suites.  I start making calls to the affected people and get nothing but grief from a couple of them (I will cover this later) only to have the boss of t he contracting crew come by the desk as I was leaving to say that's not how they will be doing it now. 

In short, I disturbed a whack of residents, got screamed at by one and had to pass along a threatened law suit to the property manager from another... for no real reason?

I hate them all so very much.
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Long story sideways... a couple of months ago the board changed elevator contractors.  Now this is not an unusual thing, nor is it unusual for there to be some overlap with techs being called when contracts are changed.  Sometimes, the knowledge that the contract is cancelled takes a while to propagate through the system and sometimes, people make stupid mistakes.  The new contractor didn't remember to change the numbers on the elevator emergency phones so two months in, the old contractor got a call about an entrapment.  Though I knew the old contractor wasn't to be allowed in to service the elevator, I figured in the middle of an entrapment situation wasn't the time to be having a pissing contest.

I thought I told the guy from the old contractor to "just get the resident trapped inside out" but apparently, I didn't make myself clear enough because he started to work on the elevator he was no longer authorized to fix.  This was my stupid mistake in the process.  I should have said "You no longer have the contract to work on the elevator, please just get my resident out."  Be specific, etc...

Well, this has led to a week of no one working on the elevator since neither the new or the old contractor knew what to do about the problem.  The old contractor had put a 'lock' on the elevator down for repair that the new contractor is not allowed to move.  They had to battle it out between them with a boot to the head from the property manager to remind them both that the new contractor has the contract before it was settled.  New contractor does the work since they have the contract.  Old contractor gets paid for the rescue and pisses off.

I can't help but think this is going to come back and bite me in the ass.
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One of the joys of my job (besides the odd lemon square or cup of coffee or bowl of homemade fish chowder) is all the 'odd' that surrounds it. What do I mean? Well, here's an example...

... in which the dead rise ... )
As it happened... with timestamps! )

Shh... they might hear you! )

Is it any wonder I'm as crazy as I am?


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