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I write a lot since my hobby is text-based freeform online RP. But this journal has nothing to do with that part of my life, though if you are that interested, message me and I might just be convinced to share links.

This is my space for the thoughts I have that don't really fit in anywhere else and it will probably be home to a lot of rambling on disparate topics as they occur to me. The only constant will be the author, who wishes to remain mostly anonymous but has nicked a moniker from a TV character with whom he identifies far too closely. The rest of the details of my inner country will come out in the random posts that will eventually fill this page.

In short, welcome to my world - or at least my perception of it.


"You're too much like me Frank - you can't stand labels. Someone tries to put me in a box, I just naturally want out." ~ Abby St. James to Frank Leo from the TV series The Bridge


The Divining

Why does God allow evil to prevail in this world? It's an eternal question, which means that it's not likely going to be answered in our brief lifetimes. But in the end, I believe, the question itself is not as important as deciding what role each of us is going to play in the struggle. No human being is totally good - or totally evil. I remain convinced that, at least in some cases, we have the opportunity to alter the path of a child who has all the telltale signs of going bad. The hand is dealt, the cards are stacked, the forces are ready to come into play. Then, into that scenario, comes another human being.

In that sense, I do believe that one individual has the potential to alter the course of human events, through something as simple as a single act of kindness. Sometimes, it might be a matter of paying attention to just one neglected soul. How much damage might that one minor intervention prevent? How many horrible unspeakable things might that keep from ever happening?

We all face choices, every day. And we can choose either to respond or to turn away. The eighteen-century statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke put it simply: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing."

Excerpt from "Between Good and Evil: A Master Profiler's Hunt for Society's Most Violent Predators" - Roger L. Depue
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