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I have accepted a new mission in life... eliminate stuff from my life.

Too damned much... STUFF!  Most of it useful at one time, now, not so much so... things like extra cable connections, earbud microphones for cell phones I no longer own, obsolete computer equipment and parts, seventeen pairs of sunglasses (what the hell was I thinking?  Do I really misplace them that often... well I must, I have seventeen pair!), two portable CD players (replaced by a tidy little iPod Nano), endless lengths of telephone cable....  All this stuff has accumulated in drawers, in cupboards, in boxes, in bags in corners of the room to the point I no longer remember putting there.  It's taking over and I won't have it anymore.

Why this sudden and insane outer country rant on an otherwise devoted to the inner thoughts journal?

I have just spent three hours hunting for a digital camera I bought LAST WEEK.  I didn't find it, but did find the three year old digital camera after an hour and took my pictures.  Only to then discover I haven't the first $%#@ing idea where the firewire for downloading the picture from the camera has gotten to and then spending another hour (so far) hunting for that!  I still haven't found it and I'll be damned if I'm going to go buy another.  That's the mentality that got me in this mess to begin with.

I have reached my sanity limit with the amount of crud clogging up my life.  No more stuff!

I have enough mental issues without the physical clutter in my life adding one more thing for me to stress over.

EDIT:  Found the damn firewire... hours and hours after I started looking.  The Mission continues...


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