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((Thanks to LJ having a blip when I tried to resize an image, I'm writing this for the second time today. Hopefully it will be better than the last one and less tasty to LJ.))

This musing owes it's beginning to a forum I stumbled over while looking for the proper quotes and episodes for the post on why I chose the pseudonym I did for LJ. Somewhere out there in the Net, is a forum thread devoted in its entirety to LOCI's Detective Goren and his tie clips. There are various theories as to why he wears a tie clip, some holding more water than others, some that 'wouldn't butter your parsnips', and more than a few fangirl-y type of posts. One of the more interesting theories was that the tie clip represented his need to have some control over his life, starting with his tie. That observation in particular started me thinking about why I dress the way do and why I buy the items I do to wear.

Onward to sartorial elegance! )

One of the posters had noticed that Goren was wearing his tie bar askew as of late and postulated that it was a hint of his tenuous mental state.  Even though I tend to agree with this statement, I have to wonder at the implications this has if I carry it over to my own love of dressing like a gentleman.  My question then is does my love of completing my suit with a proper tie clip to tame my tie equate to a symptom of my mental state? Or is it just my vanity stepping out?  Whichever it may be, the rest of the world can have their casual wear.

I'll be the guy in the suit.


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