Jan. 31st, 2011

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I've only been at work about twenty minutes now and my day is totally ruined and not (solely) because it was -30 C when I left for work.

The first bit of bad news is that my immediate superior in the madhouse that is the company I work for is no longer with the company.  I'm adrift now in dangerous waters without a Deakins to guide or protect me and that means I am very likely to get screwed over in the interim until a new leader can be assigned and dropped in on my head.  The night guy is worried about what is likely to happen here if the company owners (not the brightest stars in the sky) start screwing things up with scheduling and unqualified fill-in people.  I'm not.  I know what will happen.  They will mess things up badly, the condo board will go ballistic and I will end up switching companies again if I decide to stick with this job.  I've seen it happen before, not just here but in the big towers.  For now, I have to hunker down and wait and play the company man - a role I positively suck at by the way.

The second one worries me more... )
One way or another, there will be wank to be had over this crap, there always is.  I'm going to need a drink when I get home.  Maybe two drinks... large drinks.
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After a terminally serial fail set of LJ cut fails, I'm just going to retry this entry all together.  Apologies to anyone who was lost in the initial ramble.

I actually had answered this question as one of the first entries I made in this journal.  It made sense to me to explain it at the time, though I can't be sure why I felt the need.  I'm not always sure I understand my motivations for anything, even when I think I understand them.  I'm going to (carefully) copy the original explanation in this post under a cut and pray it doesn't end up as messed up as the last time I tried to get it to work.


By any other name... )

It's little wonder given the relative disaster of his life and mine comparatively that I really identify with him.  There are a lot of places of overlap - enough so that I sometimes wonder just how unique my life really is when it seems as if the writers of this show have reached right into my brain for the character.

I guess we're all just archetypes of one kind or another and that's something scary to contemplate.  Even so, I would never change my journal name.  Hell, I can't even decide to change the colours for the set up, why would I ever want to change my name?


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