Feb. 23rd, 2011

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Nothing - at this point in my life I've heard just about all of the possible painful insults and if it didn't kill me the first time someone called me that, it won't kill me this time either.

Mind you, if you insult someone I'm with, I will get mouthy and I'm not afraid to start a fight.
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Not that I'm in any hurry to replace Mr. Max, but I have been messing about on the build a vehicle part of various car maker's websites this morning and here is what I have learned.

1.  All car manufacturers are offering bland crappy choices in paint colour.
2.  Nissan's Maxima do not look good in light colours.
3.  Lincoln's MKZ/MKS do not look good in dark colours.
4.  Volvo's look crappy whatever the colour.
5.  Nissan's Maxima gives me the shivers from the front view.
6.  The front grille of Lincoln's MKZ/MKS is all I like about their front view.
7.  All new vehicles pretty much look the same from the ass end.
8.  I like the Dodge Challenger in Blackberry pearlcoat paint.
9.  I think that has something to do with the name of the paint colour as much as the colour itself.


10.  I really need to stop hanging out on the build a car sections of manufacturer's websites.

(But its better than porn!!)


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