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That there be one... just ONE... RP promoting community out there that has nothing to do with Glee, Harry Potter, Supernatural or any of the other raging fandoms?

There are those of us who don't want to play those, ya know?

This rant brought to you by a month of hanging out on InsaneJournal looking for a place to tag with an OC and a long dead fandom.
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Last week, I was in a hurry to get the million dollar house checked and forgot to take the key with me, forcing me to return home and pick it up.  Annoyed with myself and distracted by the jackass who lives in the apartment under us (god I wanted to run into him and introduce my fist to his face), I missed the bottom two steps of the carpeted staircase and fell.  I bounced off the radiator, off the steps, dropped the Crackberry and came to rest in a very unnatural position on the landing between the second and third floors.

My first thought wasn't my aching body or twisted limbs, it was for the Crackberry because if I was bleeding in the hallway, no one would come to help.  Once I saw the phone was good (the case had popped off, absorbing the impact and leaving the Torch untouched) I tested all my limbs and other than my left shoulder being borked, I was good.  I went on with my errands for the day and it wasn't until I got home that I realized I hurt like hell.

I was in a sling for a couple of days but it appears I was bruised more than anything - other than embarrassed that I fell down the stairs.  And I was right, not a fucking person opened a door to see if I was okay. Which is probably for the best, I'd have torn someone's head off to make meat tacos.
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I've been thinking in this vein for a couple of weeks now and it disturbs me.  Yes, my thinking can be a little twisty but I tend to do things like obey the law.  Partly, this is because to keep my job I can't be convicted of a criminal offense but it's mostly a fear of failing.  Failure to follow the rules leaves me feeling guilty and I have guilt issues aplenty without piling fresh ones on top.

So, other than the odd turn through the growing up phase where I smoked pot, drank too much, sometimes drove while inebriated, and did other things I'm not very proud of, I'm just about as straight an arrow as they come.  I don't speed through residential areas or playground zones.  I don't text or answer my phone while driving.  I always try to just go along and get along.  But this new development makes me ramble and froth at the mouth so click the cut at your own peril.

Which is why all this pisses me off so much.... )

I think I get why criminals are criminals now.  They are because they can be, because they've never had to or don't care about the people they hurt or the consequences of their actions.  By defending my untraditional family, I will be at risk of becoming a criminal, but you know what, it don't fucking pay to be an honest citizen so why the fuck not.

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Screw that, a very bad week because of winter blasts constantly below -20 C and oftentimes with the windchill reaching -30 C.  The snow that falls gets packed to the roads thanks to the snowmelt stuff they use to try and keep it clear.  The snowmelt cakes to the cars and gets everywhere - on pants, coats, shoes.  Worst of all is that when it is constantly that cold, the snowmelt mixture can't keep up and the roads get black ice on them as the blowing snow polishes the packed down and melted snow and slush to a perfect sheen.

I drive carefully in these conditions, erring on the slow side of cautious when going down hills because you never know when the bottom of the slope will be black ice.  After a hard mushy brained week where I was distracted constantly by a lot of shit, I was looking forward to driving carefully to a millionaires neighbourhood, doing my house check and then going home to settle in to stay warm for two days until I go back to work and it's supposed to be a little warmer.  Mr. Max and I set out for the slow inexorable drive to the big house and then home through a clear but bitterly cold day.

I never got out of sight of work before the big fuck with me hammer fell. )
Needless to say, I ache and I'm not sure how I'm going to face getting back in the car tomorrow.  It's supposed to be a little warmer and the city should have had time to go out and sand and grade the roads but I'm going to have to take an Ativan to turn the key and I hate that.  I don't like having to be drugged to do anything, much less drive on hazardous roads.  Monday, I will have to take a different and notoriously accident prone road to work and I'm not happy about that at all because everyone else will be in the same boat as I.  The street I usually take and am comfortable with is closed for three weeks for utility work, so I'm stuck with the deadly route.

I hate winter.
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And be damned if the little bastard doesn't hate Mondays.

A short reminder to those who have just begun following along - Max is the name applied to my 1997 Nissan Maxima which it is earning on so many more levels than just the lazy one (Maxima = Max).  Max was also (and still is) one of my roleplaying characters, who among his charms, manages to be a troublemaker extraordinaire almost without trying.

The car has officially earned this name now.  As if shooting red hot chunks of steel at me and stealing my keys weren't enough (Story here), it is a truth of the world that if Max is going to have an issue, he will pull it on a Monday morning at 6:30 am as I'm trying to get to work.

No Monday Maxima )

Or so think I.

Max has a tantrum. )

I love this car but I never expected to have to treat it like a tantruming toddler.  Mind you, if this is all the trouble it gives me, I'm laughing.
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So I get home, ready to go do battle with the ice pile and what do I see along the side of the road leading to the alley?

They are coming to clean the streets....
The city has decided (after running the plow down the street again...) to come and clean away the damned snow they piled in front of the alley in the first place.


Edit:  At least the CB takes nice pictures....
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I had a day yesterday and so when I drove home, hitting the wall of ice at the front of the alleyway to the garage was the last straw.  More specifically, hearing the ice scrape along the front spoiler and undercarriage of Mr. Max was the last straw.

I went upstairs, stripped off the suit, threw on a long sleeved t-shirt, a hoodie, a pair of jeans, winter boots, a kerchief over my head and grabbed a pair of gloves and went off to war.

I used the buildings shovel and ice scraper to attack the ice build up at the alleyway... a public alleyway mind you that the city roads department had plowed in.  I worked for just about two hours, until I couldn't lift the damn ice scraper to slam it into the mess anymore.  I surveyed the automobile sized passageway in the icy wall I had made, declared to it that I wasn't done with it and headed inside for a drink.

I got a drink of water, set the kettle to boil for a cuppa tea and went to take two Advil sitting on the sofa to watch the news.

Next thing I remember it's 12 hours later and my alarm clock is going off to wake me for work.  My arms ache, the palms of my hands ache and I needed two more Advil to get in motion.  But I conquered the ice wall down to an ice bump and when i can, I will get the rest of it... just in time for the city to plow it in no doubt.

I hate winter too.
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and two steps back.

I don't want to go into why yet, but this is exactly how I feel right now.

The joy of my NaNo win lasted all of a half hour before life reared up and kicked me in the ribs again.

Then again, joy really has always just been a placeholder between tragedies for me.

Fuck my life.
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I am now officially registered with NaNoWriMo.  I haven't decided if this is a step to regaining my sanity or the final proof of the complete and total loss of it.  If nothing else, it will give me something to do other than putz around on FB.  All there is to do now is wait until November 1 and then start typing.

Though I do have one thing to ask myself...


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I have decided that since I'm not really doing any RP at all since the demise of the RP board that I am going to do NaNoWriMo.

Yes, I have lost my mind.

I miss writing though and this will either kick me in the pants and get me writing again or cure me of the need to write altogether.

We shall see.

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One thing about the spotlights on LJ, they lead me off into the most interesting communities with some of the most interesting points of view.  Case in point, I've been following [ profile] childfree in the last little while.  I can't say I agree with some of the vitriol I've seen in the community but I believe in the concept of living life childfree as a choice. 

Today, through the community, I learned about Indigo Children.  I went to the website and read a little of the new age-y propaganda, all the while thinking "You gotta be kidding me?"  About the time I gave up on the reading because I wanted to smack someone, I had a second thought - "This is the dumbest sh*t I've ever seen."

Then I remembered Scientology.

So this Indigo children thing is officially the second dumbest sh*t I've ever seen.
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The property manager for our building was by on Friday while I was at work and has had a look at the damage (and hopefully smelled the funk - god it reeks in here) to the ceiling.  Apparently there will be contact about having this repaired.  I won't hold my breath.

I'm on vacation now.

Last night my crown fell out of my face so my smile is fucked up looking as the peg is horrible looking.  If nothing else I am finally able to properly clean that side of my teeth.

Things are still covered with dust and crap in here.

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But it Pours! )

In case I haven't mentioned this lately - I FUCKING HATE MY LIFE!

Indoors no less! )

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New computer + new faster net connection + new chat programs + Windows 7 = faster piss-me-off rate.

Adding to the stress, the lady's FB refuses to recognize the new connection and has locked her out.

Trillian doesn't remember me at all and has eaten all my connections.

Murphy finally found me.
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I have no internet access at home at the moment because some idiot on a job site in downtown drilled through a carrier wire that handles television and phone connections to my part of town and cut off my access to my server.  Until it gets repaired or rerouted, I only have access from work or if I can piggyback on a non secure wireless connection from one of my neighbours.


I'm a people person, as long as they're dead.

EDIT - And a Happy f&%$#@g New Year to you too!

*takes his mood to go get coffee*
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Okay, so I bought some new dress shirts for work, which is all good.  I recently discovered the designer and their shirts fit me well without making me see stars when I button the top button.  The shirts are all cotton, another need of mine since I despise the unholy polyester blends that have overtaken so many menswear items.  They also claim to be no-iron.

They LIE!

Not only do you need a specialized degree to unpin them from the cardboard they come attached to (God help you if you forget a pin, you then need a second degree to get all the plastic and cardboard crap free.  End of story once that's over right?

No, then you need to take your brand spanking new no-iron shirt straight to the ironing board to get the damned wrinkles out.

This is too much BS for 6 am.
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Just because a last straw was all I needed, I got one in spades.

For the last year, my drivers side door on the 1985 POS Chevy Celebrity has been difficult to close, as in you need to roll down the window and SLAM the damned thing.  I tolerated this, hoping to get through to next spring and have a sizeable piece of change to put down on a new or newer car.

Today, the weld holding the window mechanism snapped and now I can't roll up the window because it's not attached.  Now, this would be less of a problem if I lived in a warm climate, but I live in a place where it can and does frequently get to -50 C with the windchill in winter.

I'm so fed up with this just getting by bullshit that I could scream or start drinking heavily.  Maybe both.

Going to bed, gotta hit the scrap yard in the morning and see if I can get a window mechanism off a car that will work til the damned spring.

Fourteen days til vacation and it can't get here soon enough.
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Continued on ad nauseum from my previous entry and more of a fairly typical day in my life.

Okay, so I decided I needed a trickle charger to get the car going and mine had gone AWOL.  It's raining outside and to get to the Crappy Tire (that's what we call Canadian Tire colloqually) is a long bus ride from my apartment.  I can go to WalMart, it's closer, but it's a two bus trip and then a long walk.  After juggling it in my head, I call a fucking cab and head to WallyWorld (after calling to make sure they had a charger).

When the hell did this sort of asshattery become my life?
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Okay, so I don't like to rant on this journal.  I sort of like to save it for more serious things, but I have story to tell and musing journal or not I'm damn well posting this or I'm going to lose my mind. 



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